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Sim2 Domino 20 DLP Projector Power Supply Repair

I picked up this Domino 20 made by Sim2 on eBay for a good price. They had it listed as parts/repair so I figured at the ...

Sim2 HT300E DLP Projector Cooling Fan Replacement/Power Supply Part 2

This was sent in by another viewer who was having a situation where the projector would run for a bit. Then it would freeze ...

Sim2 Domino D80 Bulb Install

Sim2 Video projector bulb install. This model does not have a classic "lamp in housing". It uses a frame on the front of the bulb.

SIM2 Mico M.150 3D LED Projector Review

Steve Withers gives us a video preview of the new SIM2 M.150 3D LED Projector. category:Review about:SIM2.

Sim2 Bulb Replacement

This video will show you how to replace the bulb in your Sim2 HT series projector. It is EASY!

Sim2 xTV - LASER Ultra Short Throw Projector

Our buddies over at Sim2 showcased their all-new ultra short throw projector at CEDIA 2016. Their new projector was showcased ...

Testando projetor Crystal da SIM2

Reconhecida por oferecer projetores de design avançado, a italiana SIM2 trouxe recentemente ao mercado o Crystal 35.

AHC 3010 Review

Epson Home Cinema 3D projector review. This projector put out an amazing picture and is an amazing value. For more fantastic ...

ISE 2012: ViewSonic Presents Lampless LED Projector

ISE 2012: ViewSonic Presents Lampless LED Projector.


So I'm showing you how to make a 46-inch white screen with regular plywood with a smooth surface and the images the syhonic ...

Digital Video Projector Ballast Diagnosis and Repair

This is how to troubleshoot and check a ballast from a video projector. It doesn't matter if its LCD or DLP, they use the same sort of ...

New F1 race on 2.35.1 CinemaScope format rear screen

122 "rear screen with the projector placed 1.5 m behind the screen with only ansilumen 2500 & 1280 x 800, incredibly fun to play ...

How to Change a Projector Lamp

Have you always wanted to be enlightened on the process of changing your projector lamp? Well, here's your chance to shine.

SIM2 Lumis 3D Solo Projector - First Look

http://www.AVScience.com Taking a First Look at the brand new SIM2 Lumis 3D Solo projector.

Panasonic PT-RZ21K 20,000 lumens-class Solid Shine Laser Projector Review

Review of Panasonic PT-RZ21K 20,000 lumens-class Solid Shine Laser Projector. Specification: Power supply "AC 200 V–240 V, 7 ...

Sim2 @ ISE2012 Interview zum M150 LED Projektor

Hartmut Berberich von Sim2 stellt den neuen M150 LED Projektor vor.( Full-HD, 0,95 DC4 Single Chip DMD, 30.000 ...

LED projector from ebay !!

This is a chinese LED projector from ebay which I bought a week ago as I wanted to try the xbox which bought for my nephew ...

Sim2 Multimedia Domino D80 Projector User Manual - usermanuals.tech

Sim2 Multimedia Domino D80 Projector User Manual online manual for free.

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