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Acer Projector Projecting White Dots | DMD Chip Failure.

This video is about tracing fault which causes white dots on screen of an acer DLP projector X1160PZ. Thank you for watching.

Acer P1165 Beamer Review

Acer P1165 Beamer Review Deutsch Verbrauch und Helligkeit.

How to clean an Acer X110P projector colour wheel.

Please Subscribe: Youtube have required creators, like me, to have at least 1000 subscribers! Cleaning an Acer X110P ...

ремонт проектора Acer X1261P

Все мои плейлисты канала Peling ru - www.youtube.com/user/SolFanify/playlists ▱▱▱▱▱▱...

acer x1111a dlp projector problem is lamp error and how to lamp change


видео проектор p1165


Acer DLP Projector X1160PZ | How To Replace Lamp.

This video is about replacing lamp of acer dlp cinema projector. Thank you . Have a GOODTIME.

DLP Projector Color Wheel Removal/Replacement Guide ~ Acer H6510BD ~ Improve 3D Printing Speeds

Improve your printing speeds without bricking your projector. Follow this step by step guide to make it happen flawlessly ...

Проектор DLP Acer P1163

небольшое демо.

ACER H6510BD Replace Projector Bulb, 5 Minutes Easy

Bulb was OK but image had dust spots from house renovations. Easy to remove bulb (one screw), and then clean out majority of ...

Acer X1160 DLP beamer teardown / Zerlegung (part 1 of 2)

Acer X1160 DLP Beamer teardown. Spoken commentary in german, text notes in english. The optical part is a seperate teardown ...

Как подключить проектор к ноутбуку

Если есть желание и возможность поддержите канал Рублем: Сберкарта MasterCard 5336 6903 7824 3283 ...

Acer X1160 DLP beamer optical parts and dmd chip teardown / zerlegung (part 2 of 2)

In this follow up video to the teardown of the whole beamer I did a teardown of the optical part and the DMD chip. Spoken ...

Cannon P1165

EZ-POXY: https://ezpoxy.com EZ-Marble Color chart: https://ezpoxy.com/pages/ez-marble-colors.

Acer P1165 Projector Lamp ايسر لمبة بروجيكتور

لمبة بروجيكتر ايسر Acer P1165 للبيع بأرخص سعر وأطول ضمان في مصر والوطن العربي. اتصل الان/ واتس أب 00201223457926 ...

Repair The Power Supply of the DLP Projector

How to repair the DLP projector power supply that its regulator IC have cracked and need to replaced. How to replaced the ...

acer x1160z projector dots on display and how to solve dots

acer x1160z projector dots on display and how to solve dots.

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